Posted by: tedmikulski | January 26, 2011

What to expect at the new exhibition

So I have an upcoming solo show at Iona College on March 6th.  Whenever I am given the opportunity to have a solo show I want to reaffirm the venues choice in me by working my ass off to create brand new work.  A couple people have asked what they can expect at this show.  Since it is in New Rochelle, NY  my CT fan base will have to travel a bit and many would like to know what they are travelling to see.

I don’t think I’ve ever used this terminology before but this exhibition is going to be a “break-out” show.  I’ll throw in terminology like “awesome” and “incredible”.  Honestly, this show is unlike anything you’ve seen from me in the past.  Yes it will be colorful and vibrant, but it will also be figurative, fun and bold.  A hybrid between raw abstract expressionism and rational creation.

I use the phrase “break-out” because in terms of exhibitions, I’ve generally only showed my abstract expressionism rather than a complementary showing.   This exhibition will have both paintings and sculpture, representing human and robot form.  About 70% of work at this show will be brand new and un-seen.  Don’t miss this show – I am most likely taking a break from exhibitions after this showing so I’ll see you in March!

Need more info on the show?  Email me.


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