Posted by: tedmikulski | September 14, 2011

Upcoming events

Here is a full line-up of upcoming events that I am involved in:

September 9th (Friday) – Group exhibition at the Fernando Alvarez Gallery (Stamford, CT from 6-9pm) in tandem with the solo show of John Bedoya.  A new robot will be unveiled.  Show goes until mid October.

September 11th (Sunday) – The show that I have been curating for the past 8 months opens at Iona College from 1-3pm.  The show is called ‘Double Vision: A Collaborative Experience’ and features 10 exceptional artists (although I’m in it too) from New England and NYC.   Show goes until October 27th.

September 20th (Tuesday) – I will be the featured artist at ‘Art After Dark’, a social event put on by the Mystic Arts Center.  I will be creating a piece of art LIVE and it will not be a splatter painting! The event is from 6-9pm and costs $12 for non-members (though it has dinner and free drinks!).

September 24th (Saturday) – I am featured in “The Art of Contemporary Illustration” at the Bendheim Gallery, put on by The Greenwich Arts Council.  A group exhibition that runs until mid-November and opens on a Saturday from 1-3pm.  Show goes until November 6th.

September 24th (Saturday) – I will be on hand at the Iona College gallery to facilitate a collaborative painting with the general public, as well as giving a talk on the show.   I will be there from 2-5pm… It’s a busy day.
September 30th (Friday) – I will be giving a lecture at Norwich University (my alma-mater) alongside a solo exhibition.  The lecture is at noon and I will be talking about my hysterical and intriguing journey as an artist.  Show goes until mid October.


So needless to say, its a busy month.  On a side note, I am working on a huge new robot sculpture:

Made from fiberglass, this piece will top 7 feet and will be debuted at the Fernando Luis Alvarez Gallery whenever it is finished.   Hopefully within the next 2 months….

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