Posted by: tedmikulski | October 6, 2011

In the studio

So as September comes to a close, so does all the exhibitions and events.  I found myself to be completely swamped with various happenings involving my work and as fun as that is, I am happy to have a break.   It is about time I focus on my work.  I truthfully haven’t been able to put some serious hours in since before my European adventure.  So I purposefully have not booked anything for the next few months so that I can focus on new work and the advancement of my current series.  For example, I am not looking into new ways of creating the “Peek-through” series…

This is just an experiment of course, but it is already more dramatic than the earlier Peek-Through works.   With some refinement, these can be extremely expressive.  I have also developed a new series I like to call “In Your Eyes” which features the ‘bubblification’ of CCTV cameras…

Two of these debuted at my show at Norwich University on the 30th.  They poke a little fun at this very serious and often invasive element of our society.

Beyond these new advancements, I will also be taking a more developed path regarding my robot sculptures.  You see, up until now, I have been hand-making each robot.  Unfortunately I cannot afford to have them fabricated yet, so I am stuck producing them myself.  Now I don’t mind that, but the way they are built now do not offer longevity of design.  The reality is that they are rather fragile and ten years from now I don’t want all of my hard work ending up in the garbage… with much dismay to the collectors.

Instead, I will be investing some of my money into silicon molding.   These materials are not cheap but I think they are crucial to the art and will make for outstanding final products.  So I will be starting with the small robots using silicon and resin.  If this process turns out to be successful, I can produce several dozen robots from a single mold and also have something that is limited edition.  If this process works then I will be moving to my large-scale robots as well.

So you can expect some great new work to come out of the studio in the coming months and stay tuned for a big show announcement for 2012!

Also, for those  of you who could not make it out to the lecture, here is that lecture on Youtube…


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