Posted by: tedmikulski | November 2, 2011

Mother Freakin’ Nature

So many of you in New England know about the storm this past week but for those that don’t, here is what went down… A freak October snow storm hit much of New England on Saturday dumping heavy snow upwards to a foot in some areas.  Now this isn’t that uncommon with this geographical area, but it was uncommon for the time of year.   The real problem with it was that all the trees still had their leaves, making the risk for branches falling very high.

That Saturday, I found myself doing some art consulting for Iona College down in NY.  I was told the storm wouldn’t start until around 5pm, giving me enough time to head up to my place and prepare after I was done.  Most importantly, move my art car from the trees it was parked under.   While at Iona, I look outside the window and it is a blizzard at noon.   So I excused myself and started heading home.  I made it about 10 miles and decided it was too dangerous (luckily my sister’s house was on the way) with branches falling onto the highway and cars spinning out.

I worried about my art car but thought it would be better to just hope for the best.  The next morning I drove up to my place and found this…

Devastating.   Surprisingly, the damage is somewhat minimal.  Yes, I will need to replace one of the side panels and re-draw it out.  I’m not yet sure if my insurance covers it either but given the size of the branch and where it fell from, it could have been much worse.

I consider myself lucky that there was not more damage than there was.  Besides which, I have some experience with events like this.  In college, the house that myself and my roommates were renting burnt to a crisp and I lost everything.  That taught me alot about material possessions and how to deal with negative events outside of your control.

No matter, moving on.


  1. Oh man that must have been a heart wrenching sight. To think that the amount of hours spent creating this work of art has been ruined; and not to mention the car itself. I’m a car nut and a huge nissan fan so the sight of that car under the snow and trees stings a little.

    I was in your art appreciation class over the summer of 2011 and I remember seeing the car. Hopefully the insurance can cover it. And i look forward to seeing the masterpiece that you redraw on it when it’s all fixed.

    • I know, it was such a sad event… The damage wasn’t catastrophic and insurance covered it. I have to re-paint the front right panel but luckily the hood, roof and windows are all OK and I have already started on the drawing to replace that panel. Hope you are doing well! Are you on the mailing list?

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