Posted by: tedmikulski | January 12, 2012

Being A Bit Reclusive

So I just wanted to quickly make an update here since I haven;t posted in a while.  I have been cheating on WordPress with Tumblr, which I am now using as a almost daily stream of art and studio pictures. You can follow that account here:

I have 2 major exhibitions in 2012, both in NYC.  Since I am putting my all into these shows, they are the only ones I will be involved with this year.  I think moving forward, I will be slowing down the pace at which I have shows and instead focus my energies on one or two events.  It is nice to give my mailing list a break from the slue of emails.

So my first show in May and will be at Irving Plaza NYC and my second will be a solo exhibition at the Dorian Grey Gallery (East 9th) in August.  That show is lining up with a very ambitious project I will be doing in-tandem with the show.   In the meantime, I will be in my studio working very hard for the next several months.  Follow my Tumblr account to see lots of art as I make it and I will be posting soon with more details about the shows!

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