Posted by: tedmikulski | July 29, 2012

Free Art Project + Documentary

The free art project begins this Wednesday August 1st, 2012.  After 18 months of late nights and countless paint pens, I’ve amassed about 1,065 pieces that will be given away for free in NYC.  When I first pitched this idea to my gallery reps and friends/family, they thought I was bonkers.  And whereas that sentiment really hasn’t changed, everyone is excited to see how this goes. 

One of the things that everyone was pushing for was to have it filmed.  The reactions, the awkwardness, it will make for a very interesting series of clips. At first, a really big name was interested in filming the project.  It seemed cool to me, especially considering the distribution this person was likely capable of.  That eventually fell-threw, but out of that I met 7Rose Studios, a small NYC based studio who produce short films.  


These guys heard about the project and without getting much detail about it, they were in.  They are completely dedicated to the project and even after one interview, I can tell they are going to be fun to work with.  

It is always really cool to find like-minded individuals in a related field.  They will be filming every-other day of the project in NYC including the gallery opening.  This will then be turned into a 2-3 minute preview and then a 10+ minute web-based documentary.  The directors cut will be shown at the exhibition opening on August 11th. 

There are rumors of a long-form documentary on a larger art-based concept by 7Rose, but no one’s talking yet…

So, want a free piece of original art?  Here is all the info you need: Free Art Project 2012

Here is the info for my NYC debut:


And follow all the action @tedmikulski – see you in the city!

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