Posted by: tedmikulski | August 5, 2012

Free Art Day 3 and 4

 Days 3 and 4 have been pretty amazing.  I took a new approach these past couple days and used a sign instead of approaching people.  This meant that people on the street actually had to do the approaching. Day 3 I was in SoHo and Day 4 I was in the Upper East Side just south of the MET.  Both days I gave away 215 pieces in about an hour.

ImageI also want to express my sincere appreciate for my wife Monica who has been coming in with me every single day and helping out.  Follow her @omphalophobia for all of here updates.  I also want to shout out 7Rose studios (Johnathan Joseph and Shayan Mohsin) who have been really cool about coming in and filming.  They are putting together an amazing video series for the project.


So far, about 440 people have received a free piece of art.  Tomorrow (Day 5) will be at night in Times Square….

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